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Block made our life so much easier because they not only curated apartments for us, they also went out and did full video walkthroughs of the apartments we were most interested in. They know exactly what to look for in an apartment and they were looking after us like family would.

Feedback thus far: where the hell was this type of help my whole life?

I'm literally blown away. Block cut a 3-6 week process of searching for, scouting and renting an apartment in Los Angeles down to 4 days. I felt supported, less anxious, and more knowledgeable than I have in previous renting experiences. HIGHLY recommend.

My experience with them was great – I answered just a few questions really quickly and I ended up renting the first apartment they sent over to me – I hadn't seen it on other sites and it was a perfect fit. They include a ton of great contextual information none of the other listing sites had available and I didn't have to do any work. 😆

Trying to coordinate a cross country move in two weeks while trying to search for apartments was a daunting task. It was such a relief to have the guys from the Block app searching for apartments for us. They listened to our needs and guided us to our perfect LA neighborhood. They went above and beyond and were a pleasure to work with.